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How to Fix DPC Watchdog Violation Error in Windows 10?

To an extent, technology has climbed over the previous two decades. Now there is a range of mobile phone and computer OS operating on their various devices. Every one these operating systems follow specific protocols for conducting in a safe method.

If these protocols aren’t fulfilled, the consumer receives technical mistakes in their devices and one such mistake is that the DPC Watchdog Violation error.

dpc watchdog violation

Random mistakes on pc systems are extremely bothersome, especially for a newcomer individual. The majority of these mistakes always appear on the monitor and typically do not come with any troubleshooting help without reading them on the net or locating a pc expert who may fix them. In precisely the same manner, the Watchdog Violation error always appears on the display too.

The error started with Windows 8 programs but also occurs on Windows 10 programs DPC_Watchdog_Violation Windows 10.

This is quite surprising as Windows 10 is the newest of all Windows versions and also the users expect to not face this mistake on it. Nonetheless, as we read through this article, we’ll examine the error in detail and also come across the methods used to fix it.

The mistake has no specific time as it pops up at random times while the consumer is working on the system. The blue screen of death (BSOD) comes up with a text saying “Your PC ran to a problem and should restart” and under it a timer to the computer restart and also an error text saying DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION. Sometimes the error goes in a loop and continuously shows up and restarts the computer after it has been switched on.

The error usually occurs on systems running on Windows version 8, 8.1 and 10. But, Windows 10 consumers are believed to be facing the DPC Watchdog Violation Win 10 mistake the most from the lot.

What causes the DPC Watchdog Violation error?

According to the research, many computer glitches could be involved resulting in the DPC Watchdog Violation Windows 10 malfunction. However, the most frequent cause here is that the instability in the hardware components of the computer facing the problem.

Users that have recently downloaded and upgraded to Windows 10 on their system are very likely to face this mistake as the hardware elements usually lose out on the upgrade. The chipset drivers, SSDs, HDDs, audio cards are usually abandoned in their elderly status since they were once the system was running an older version of Windows.

How to Repair the DPC Watchdog Violation error?

Without the doubt, the DPC Watchdog error is a very complex error. Normally when users face this error they feel as if fixing this mistake would just be pc expert’s occupation and that they might need to spend a massive sum of money to get out of the pc restarting loop. But, there is an assortment of fixes to the problem everyone could manually try out. These repairs have been tested by real individuals confronting the problem and the majority of them have managed to fix their issue. Let us get on with it.

DPC Watchdog Violation

The text exhibits the DPC Watchdog mistake combined with it a timer that says “the personal computer will be restarted in 10 minutes”

Check Hard Drive corruptions:

Since the DPC Watchdog Violation Acquire 10 is generally seen as an error caused by corrupted hardware parts, the very first in computer repair to the error involves checking for corrupted hard drives and fixing them if independently fixable.

While on the home screen, press the Windows key on your computer or hover your mouse over the Windows logo in the bottom left corner of this display.
Now, type “CMD” in the search bar.

From the search results, right click on the Command Prompt application and click on “Run as Administrator”.

Once Command Prompt is open, type the command “chkdsk c: /f /r” and press Enter.

Now, Command Prompt will exhibit a confirmation message onto your display.
After confirming, Command Prompt will allow you to check the hard drives when you restart your computer.

If any hard drive errors are found, start looking for the answers and mend them.

As previously mentioned, sometimes an older version of chipset drivers could lead to the Windows 10 Watchdog malfunction. Well, if that is true, the mistake can easily be fixed manually provided a secure online connection is available to the machine prior to the problem. This is how you do it.

Open Control Panel on the machine facing the error.

Find and visit Device Manager.

On Device Manager, find the phrases “IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers” from the listing and click them.

Now, an alternative saying AMD SATA Controller or Standard AHCI Controller ought to appear as a sub-point to the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers. Right-click on the choice and click “Scan for Hardware Changes”.

The pc will now scan for essential hardware modifications in the pc. If discovered any, do them. If not, carry on to the next step.

Now, Click AMD SATA Controller/Standard AHCI Controller and click “Update Driver Software. .”. This will upgrade your chipset drivers from the net. After that, restart your computer again and check whether the error has been repaired or not.

Update HDD/SSD Firmware:

This is another updating fix to the error. Here, the user should have access to the world wide web again as they will have to download the updated firmware in their HDD/SSD’s producer’s website.

To perform the update, the next steps are followed:

Find My Computer/This PC on your Computer’s home screen, right click on it and pick the Properties option.

Currently, a Computer Management windows should open on your Computer.
On Device Manager, you will notice a list of the hardware components installed on your computer. Find the name along with the model number of your SSD/HDD and note it down.

After noting down, head to the producer’s website from the own system’s default browser.

Now, search for the upgrades available to your SSD/HDD. If found any, download and install them onto your PC to find out if that fixes the error for you.

Troubleshoot System File Glitches:

In some scenarios, a download document via the world wide web, a moved file in an external drive in an installed Windows file can create glitches resulting in the Watchdog Violation error. To fix this, an individual could scan and fix the system’s files. To do so, the following steps must be performed.

Open Command Prompt on your system.

Once opened, type the command “SFC /scannow” and press Enter. Now, the computer should automatically begin scanning the program’s files and fix them as well if at all possible.

When the scanning process is complete along with the listed errors are troubleshot, restart your computer to check whether the problem was repaired or not.

Format Computer Data

This fix is the final manual resort one could try to fix the DPC Watchdog Violation Windows 10 malfunction. Although it’s extremely unlikely that none of these above methods fix the mistake, some users have reported to still face the problem later properly executing them. So, the consumer may try to format the computer data completely here after backing up the useful data in an external device. This will surely fix your problem.


DPC Watchdog Violation is a computer error found in Windows 8, 8.1, 10 users especially after upgrading their Windows version. I hope you liked our article and found your fix regarding DPC_Watchdog_Violation in Windows 10.